For the Victims and Their Loved Ones – It’s United We Stand –9/11 By: Nuala Molloy Moran

United We Stand 2001 pin NRMC


I’m not just an American, my life was changed today,

I became a soldier, in my own special way.

I couldn’t stop the planes or the terrorists taking our flights,

I wasn’t there to comfort the poor victims’ screams and sights.


I wish I could have called out for the buildings to be cleared,

but I wasn’t in New York or Washington to comfort these people when they feared.

And when those brave souls on duty didn’t get home from work,

I didn’t see their families crying, shocked and hurt.


I didn’t go through the rubble, the fire or smoke to identify-

and didn’t know who was who or why they had to die.

But I’m not just an American, and my life was changed today,

I became a soldier in my own special way.


I put myself in their places but couldn’t imagine the strain.

I prayed for the victim’s souls and for their loved ones pain.

I listened to the tragic details, to numb to really feel,

then went out to give some blood to help the wounded heal.


I woke my son the next morning, only to hear him say,

“Nobody is going to school, Mom, they were scared away.”

I said, “You get up and go now, even if you’re the only one,

we’re not going to show fear, and no, they haven’t won.”


And as I put on my makeup, my clothes, and my working shoes,

a certain pride came over me, one I never knew.

On the way out the door I hung the flag at half mast,

put Red, White and Blue on the car and saw others’ flags that passed.


That certain message of liberty to fellow patriots we send,

symbolizing the freedom we earned and the freedom we will surely defend.

We prayed along with the nation with a request for God to save

this beautiful nation of ours and for bodies not yet in their graves.


Leaving work, emotions set in as I drove home in the rain.

The tears began to fall and I choked them back again.

Then the sun came out forming a rainbow in the sky,

God’s bright promise of hope helped me not to cry.


Later we lit a candle, and we prayed across this great land,

for the victims and their loved ones because it’s united we stand.

You see, we’re not just Americans, our lives were changed today,

we became soldiers in our own special way.

by:  Nuala Molloy Moran    c September 14, 2001

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Shadow of a Rose by: Nuala Molloy Moran

Rosa blu google free images giant rose


On Old McKenzie’s trellis near the outskirts of town

Held a prize flourishing, not quite showing its crown

A cloudburst of rain at just the right hour

In a moonlit night gave away with the power


From twilight until dawn, the rose slowly glowed

Jubilation upon morning when it’s beauty showed

Mr. McKenzie was up early and spotted its glory

This begins the passage of the special rose’s story:


No florist would lay a hand on the rose

No market would even get a sniff with their nose

The bountiful rose had a healing quality

Old McKenzie said it was one for humanity


The rose made a journey to the hospital ward

Everyone that passed remarked on the rose each adored

A man had no family, no friends, and thought he would die,

But as he saw the rose from Old McKenzie he let out a sigh.


“This rose is called charity, and it’s my gift to you,”

McKenzie told him, “a perfect rose, so far and few”

The man thanked him but said it would be a waste

For the rose to die there in that dreadful place


Old McKenzie said goodbye and left it at that

So there next to the man the rose of charity sat

The hospital staff came and went admiring the rose,

While there in the shadows was “the man no one knows”


The healing comfort, the feeling of love’s beauty,

Started curing the man, as was the rose’s duty

He left the ward smiling, taking with him the flower

Leaving completely healed, he felt love’s special power


The time in the ward gave him thoughts of a master plan:

To build back our fortress, our nation, this was our man

The soldiers came home safely with their abilities

Old McKenzie said the rose was one for humanity


By:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 01/01/2008

Photo:  Google Free Images Giant Rose – Rosa Blu



Red Birds for Christmas by Nuala Molloy Moran


Red Birds for Christmas

You had set up our old birdhouse

Back when the leaves fell on the ground

You stocked it with some fancy birdseed

And some old cracked corn that you found


That old oak had remained empty

The icy snow continued to fall

Then you had to leave so quickly

But I understand when duty calls


Miracles during this season

Keep my spirits flying so high

And the red birds give me such hope

Oh, I just love to watch them fly


It’s hard to be separated 

More so now at Christmas time

Knowing it’s only temporary

Seems to help to ease my mind


The Christmas cards we sent out 

Pictured red birds in the snow

Now they are in our own trees

With a scene that’s all aglow


Yes, it’s Christmas Eve my darling

And two red birds are in the tree

I wish you were at the door now

You’re the only one I want to see

by:  Nuala Molloy Moran   c 10/04/2016

(Cardinal photo from Can Stock photo – under Google free images)


Love Will Live On – by: Nuala Molloy Moran

photos by nuala0001

Love Will Live On


Glimpses of love in sight

Hopeful promises in the night

Where eyes meet souls touch

Miracles happen, fairytales and such


All over the world some only look away

They start to love, then give up, call it a day

Romance is lacking color, faded hues

No love songs being written, only blues


Don’t let me sing the last love song

Or say loving lyrics are dead and gone

When the heart finds the right words

I know the music of love can still be heard


No sign in the world, sea or sky

Can demand love to fall away or die

We can look around; find the love is still there

Outshining the tragedy and cold despair


Love will never fade away

No matter what some people say

Love will live among our darkest days

And through the pain I imagine…


…Glimpses of love in sight

Hopeful promises in the night

Where eyes meet souls touch

Miracles happen, fairytales and such


Don’t let me sing the last love song

Or say loving lyrics are dead and gone

When the heart finds the right words

I know the music of love can still be heard…


…Don’t let me sing the last love song


By:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 05/13/2008 (revised c 05/2009)

photo c Nuala Molloy Moran


This was a runner up for “Song of the Year Contest” 2009.

Later I turned this into a song with Newell Bate- Penny Danger

-Number #9:



My Daddy’s Eagle by: Nuala Molloy Moran

Dads eagle statue- Nuala Molloy Moran

My Daddy’s Eagle

What a beautiful inheritance and treasure I received!

My father’s Eagle stands for all he taught and told me.

Forever his majesty and love reigns in my heart.

No one can ever take that away from me.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Nuala Molloy Moran c 05/28/2018


Photo by:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 2014



Extraterrestrial Brilliance by: Nuala Molloy Moran


Extraterrestrial Brilliance


Father was a massive star undergoing nuclear fusion when his gravitational collapse occurred.  Mother was a neutron star heating up and was close to him at the perfect time.

They soon became stellar companions and carbon fusion ignited them in the night.  This resulted in Supernovae so superb thus outshining the sun with their magnificent explosion.  The result was more than a clandestine moment, I would have to say.

I was then born—a Supernova remnant made of gas and dust.  Yes, a star was born.  Time stood still for me as I roamed the galaxy.  I was then orbiting the sun and became an asteroid.

I ventured out of the galaxy and became a comet sailing through the sky and was a rare sight.  I found myself plummeting and my pre-solar grains being buried deep into the Earth with me.  I was between the crust and the Earth’s mantle and there I stayed for what seemed like forever.

What a stroke of luck.  A volcanic eruption took place and I was brought closer to the uppermost of the Earth’s mantle.  The magma brought me higher and higher and the magma and I drifted upward together.  Finally, I was at the surface of Earth.

I was a formed carbonato and had fallen from my interstellar environment:  A nano diamond of extraterrestrial origin.

The miners found me.  Being an uncut diamond, I was not showing all my prized optical qualities.  No diamond in the rough can ever achieve full potential alone.

Soon the flawed material, the matrix was removed and my lustrous brilliance was unveiled.  I was soon admired for being so optically isotropic and dazzling.

None would know the story of my Supernovae parents, of my living in the galaxy and orbiting the sun.  They would know I was pulled from the dirt and the mire.  My luminosity and radiance would not be compared by any other stone.  My past, my present, and what I endured was for me to know alone.

This I knew though, I was born to shine.

Words written by:  c Nuala Molloy Moran

Later, this was turned into a spoken word piece with Music/Performance/Production by:  Newell Bate)  Penny Danger –Demo-Licious CD, released c July 13, 2010, All Rights Reserved . Hear it – #12: