Monarch by: Nuala Molloy Moran



This butterfly has unraveled from an exhausted old cocoon

As we danced among the flowers I donned a sweeter tune

Let us meet again where the orange honeysuckle fragrantly bloom

And the hummingbird and tanager enjoy a nectar boon


I get lost in the huge blue sky without your precious glance

With those distinctive eyes of yours I’ll be flitting for a chance

You are the one who makes this butterfly dance


All I can see

is you

and me

and romance


My wings have unfolded before you over time

Their colors can really dazzle but it is you that makes them shine

The sun always comes out to give me a sovereign sign

I’m flying on a precept because with you it is so sublime


–Nuala Molloy Moran 2008


Butterflies and Honeysuckle by Nuala Molloy Moran