BEAUTY… by: Nuala Molloy Moran

Cherry Blossoms













By:  Nuala Molloy Moran  c 2000

(photo from free Google Images)


SPEECHLESS by: Nuala Molloy Moran

Sky Vault by Nuala Molloy Moran c



When he is around
I can’t make a sound
I’m frozen,
I’m unable to string even a few sentences together.

This takes place over and over,
and each time is like the first time.
I can’t think,
I can’t rhyme,
he finds me tongue tied,
and I’ve never been shy.

After all these years
he has occupied my mind.
He ignites my soul, I have no control.
I open my mouth to form the words,
My synopsis forms and transforms into only…
…a smile.

All I can do is smile.
He still gets me that way.
He blows my mind
every single time…
…end of conversation!

By:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 02/16/2008

(Photo c 2015 -Nuala Molloy Moran )


Luxuriant Sand by: Nuala Molloy Moran

Moon with pink sky 400 x 400 c Nuala Molloy Moran

Luxuriant Sand


Luxuriant sand—

Snow white

Tourists flock

Seagulls delight

Azure water

Hibiscus bloom

Radiant sunset

Engaging moon

Golden Treasures

Unlimited reach

Scenic route

Lido Beach


By:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 04/19/2008

Later turned this poem into lyrics for “Lido Beach.” Hear the song

and find out more about Penny Danger – Newell Bate and myself:

Photo:  c Nuala Molloy Moran



Ancient History by: Nuala Molloy Moran

white peacock with flowers titles with brick




She unveiled the conquests who had failed her heart.

They were comparable to the ancient ruins that fell apart.

The prominent greats came and went victoriously.

Each sought to conquer the walls of her dynasty.

Those ancient walls they tried to scale.

Their inability to love caused them all to fail.

Like empty, crumbling tombs,

each was laid among the ruins.

Kingdoms, empires and imperials fell away.

Her longing for love was left to die in the decay.

Then hope cast a foggy shadow upon her unscathed wall,

revealing the reason the others were meant to rise and fall.

by:   Nuala Molloy Moran  c 01/22/2008

photo: Nuala Molloy Moran c

(Later I turned my poem into lyrics for “Rise and Fall.”  Please see Penny Danger – myself and Newell Bate at: