Shadow of a Rose by: Nuala Molloy Moran

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On Old McKenzie’s trellis near the outskirts of town

Held a prize flourishing, not quite showing its crown

A cloudburst of rain at just the right hour

In a moonlit night gave away with the power


From twilight until dawn, the rose slowly glowed

Jubilation upon morning when it’s beauty showed

Mr. McKenzie was up early and spotted its glory

This begins the passage of the special rose’s story:


No florist would lay a hand on the rose

No market would even get a sniff with their nose

The bountiful rose had a healing quality

Old McKenzie said it was one for humanity


The rose made a journey to the hospital ward

Everyone that passed remarked on the rose each adored

A man had no family, no friends, and thought he would die,

But as he saw the rose from Old McKenzie he let out a sigh.


“This rose is called charity, and it’s my gift to you,”

McKenzie told him, “a perfect rose, so far and few”

The man thanked him but said it would be a waste

For the rose to die there in that dreadful place


Old McKenzie said goodbye and left it at that

So there next to the man the rose of charity sat

The hospital staff came and went admiring the rose,

While there in the shadows was “the man no one knows”


The healing comfort, the feeling of love’s beauty,

Started curing the man, as was the rose’s duty

He left the ward smiling, taking with him the flower

Leaving completely healed, he felt love’s special power


The time in the ward gave him thoughts of a master plan:

To build back our fortress, our nation, this was our man

The soldiers came home safely with their abilities

Old McKenzie said the rose was one for humanity


By:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 01/01/2008

(I worked for hospitals for 17 years and I am still in healthcare)

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Give Him Sugar by: Nuala Molloy Moran

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Give Him Sugar


Turns out I’d been neglecting my man

I knew I needed a better plan

Went way back to how it was before

When I had nothing but love in store


It seemed we started missing that spark

Soon it was crumbling, falling apart

Then the thoughts started coming to me

It’s better to give than to receive


Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Turn on the charm

Won’t do ya no harm


And once I began to see the light

I thought about sugar morning ‘n night

In the morning – to start off his day

In the evening – when he’s home to stay


Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Turn on the charm

Won’t do ya no harm


Sugar became my priority

A noted change was there to see

My man and I were growing so close

Had to be the sugar I suppose!


Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Turn on the charm

Won’t do ya no harm


And all that sugar paid off you see

He was hooked on sugar, same as me

Yes, all that sugar paid off you see

He got hooked on sugar same as me


Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Turn on the charm

Won’t do ya no harm


Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Turn on the charm

Won’t do ya no harm


Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Give him sugar,    sugar,    sugar

Sugar, turn on the charm

Won’t do ya no harm

(Key:  Sugar = Kisses)


by:  Nuala Molloy Moran   c 09/09/2016

(Please enjoy my other lyrics and Poetry as well)

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A Mind for Christ Alone by: Nuala Molloy Moran

Red Reef Park - Boca Raton, FL

A Mind For Christ Alone

The spirit of God cries out to me

Strongholds keep me captive here

I’m bound by chains from the enemy

Like in quicksand I’m sinking in fear

Jesus is knocking and knocking

And I want to let Him in

The enemy is standing here,

Blocking me with my own sin

God is the fortress inside of me

Making sure I don’t give up easily

I want a mind for Christ alone

A mind for Christ alone

The enemy is trying to hold on

Using the world to get me down

Peace of mind is so close now

I’m praying I can stand my ground

I confess my sins to the Lord

And know He will help me to change

I invite Jesus into the heart

He’s been waiting to rearrange

God’s promises fill the Bible

And surely I am included

I feel God’s Healing Power

It will never be diluted

God is the fortress inside of me

Making sure I don’t give up easily

I want a mind for Christ alone

A mind for Christ alone

Yes, I want a mind for Christ alone

A mind for Christ alone

A mind for Christ alone

by:  Nuala Molloy Moran  c 10/16/2016

(I have a variety of song lyrics I have been posting as well as poetry.  This is my first Christian song.  Happy Easter!)

Photo by:  Nuala Molloy Moran – c  Boca Raton, FL USA


Pieces of Heaven by: Nuala Molloy Moran


Pieces of Heaven


A vision led me by a dream to an ordinary door

Then twisting and turning I found myself down a corridor

Where a hidden sanctuary revealed a glorious party room

Nestled underneath a radiant and bountiful sandy dune

I looked further and saw clear water bubbling away

No colors were present anywhere in this luminous display

The trees and all were painted an amazing shade of white

This ultimate resting place appeared to be formed of light

Nearby existed an island where the water calmly flowed

Coming over with tiny splashes were boxes and boxes with bows

I asked a question aloud and was answered silently with my mind

Enveloped by a loving presence; guiding, serene, and kind

This love overflowed and poured continuously into my heart

A joyous fountain bringing everlasting contentment from the start

The boxes still drifted in number, glistening as they float

I was laughing at the sight, then wondered, would I see a card or note?

Then I saw the meaning, the boxes were mementos from those who said goodbye

I was celebrating in this nebulous place while those on earth would cry

If they just could see my majestic castle their tears would surely stop

I opened up the lid and saw the box’s treasure–A loved one’s tiny teardrop

And there I was in heaven opening gifts of pure love

In my dowry in the sky, a blessing from God above


by:  Nuala Molloy Moran  c 12/05/2007

(This was a dream I had.  It is dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one.)

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A Friend That Never Fades…by: Nuala Molloy Moran

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A Friend That Never Fades

I want to be your friend
A friend that never fades
Who smiles and delights
With you in the night
Who hugs you so close
When you need it most
Your jester ready to joke 
Or your sturdy oak
When the birds stop singing and nothing is right I will be your sweet song even deep in the night

A rose grows higher and higher to catch a glimpse of the sun and so it is we need each other when an exhausting day is done

I want to be your friend

A friend that never fades
Trust will linger between
A sight now rarely seen
I have got your back
Plenty when you lack
Dissolving doubts and fears

I dry your precious tears

A friend that never fades
I am here especially for you

by:  Nuala Molloy Moran c 03/18/2008

Photo:  Google Free Images, Best Friend Tattoos

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